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Strada Provinciale Busano Valperga, 10080 Rivara (TO)

Pressed steel differential half-blocks

Located in Rivara and operating in the metallurgical sector since 1970, Co.r.a.s specialises in the production of steel differential half-blocks for the agricultural and automotive sectors.

The company produces steel differential half-blocks by means of hot stamping.
The control of raw materials and the use of the best design and processing technologies result in a high quality finished product.

Do you need to stamp a batch of steel differential half-blocks?

Specialising in the moulding of circular parts with a minimum weight of 3 kg to a maximum of 45 kg with diameters between 90 mm and 300 mm.

Thanks to its production cycles, Co.r.a.s is also able to meet requirements for samples (100 pieces).

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All our lines are provided with special equipment that allows us to carry out a mould change in just a few minutes.
The lines are served by a state-of-the-art oven with methane gas heating and a VALDARNO BCGS 180 shear for hot cutting.

2500 TON

3000 TON

4000 TON

3D preview with SOLIDWORKS

Receive a preview of your piece, before starting full-scale production. Our designer will adapt the project according to your requirements and needs.